Secuone is a provider of products and solutions using Surveillance & AI technology to facilitate all activities in various fields, both government, community and private needs for private companies.
Through the support and various principles that are pioneers of AI technology and have competence in the AI ​​revolution, helping us to focus on providing various solutions ranging from Smart City, Smart Building, Traffic & Transportation and providing important value for Consumer IoT, City IoT, and Supply Chain IoT.
We provide customer solutions by integrating algorithms, software & hardware.


Making the company a national company that provides the best solutions in Indonesia for the Government, Private Entrepreneurs and the Community in all fields.
1. Make things EASIER with SOLUTIONS.
2. Make everything CONTROLLED with SOLUTIONS
3. Make everything more EFFICIENT and ECONOMICAL with SOLUTIONS.
4. Make the company grow and develop and become the pride of the entire team/company personnel as well as partners/coworkers.
With partner distributors spread throughout Indonesia, the implementation of technical implementation, maintenance and after sales will be more efficient both in terms of time and cost.
Supported by more than 700 partner distribution networks ensuring the distribution of projects nationally is well controlled.
Through Coverage Areas with National coverage we are ready to be a One Stop Solution to meet client needs.
Our Technology

Brain++ is an AI productivity platform that leverages algorithmic, compute and data capabilities by integrating a deep learning framework. With Dedicated Engines, our platform is able to develop a portfolio of algorithms tailored to the specific needs of different industries so that we are able to provide customers with complete AI solutions including algorithms, application software, hardware and technical services.
Our algorithms leverage deep learning and focus on broad visual element analysis and cognition to tackle, analyze, and tackle real-world challenges. Our industrial grade products and services integrate hardware and software and provide optimal industrial grade performance.
  • Face Technology
  • Video Analytics
  • AI Virtual Sensor
  • Robot Localization and Navigation

Secuone`s deep learning-based facial technology is built on big data and powered by our proprietary Deep Learning Framework.
This technology is highly efficient and highly accurate in various real-life scenarios, such as Smart City, Smart Building, identity authentication and Access Control.
This technology includes a number of key functions such as face/human detection, tracking, key-point detection, face recognition, face clustering, face attribute estimation, liveness detection, and search engines.
  • Face/Human Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Age/Gender Detection
  • Face Search
  • Face Clustering
  • Face Anti-spoofing

Video Analytics technology recognizes important objects in videos, such as people and vehicles and then extracts visual information or attributes of each object, and generates a semantic description of the video excerpt.
Technology Development has been developed since 2017. This technology is applied to achieve high speed and high accuracy detection for all targets (face, pedestrian, vehicle, license plate) on all platforms(cloud, edge, device)
Video Analytics consolidates video surveillance information from a specific area in real time to build a sensing network that is a unique blend of enabling face-based video investigations and extending to personnel object analytics from video.
  • Detection And Tracking
  • Keypoints
  • Re-Identification
  • Attribute and Activity
  • License Plate Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • 3D Location
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