Intelligent IP Camera

Intelligent IP Camera (IPC) is one of Secuone's main products. It is powered by Secuone's AI algorithm, featuring various functions and modes, including image capture, facial recognition, intelligent infrared light use, hybrid intelligence and fully structured. IPC performs well in a variety of complex settings including on the road and

Authentic Intelligent Sensing

Utilizing our proprietary facial recognition algorithm and advanced cloud device Deep Learning algorithms, IPC offers truly intelligent and dynamic detection of objects in complex environments
Multi-model Combination
Solution that uses a combination of different modes including 'hybrid intelligence and full-structured facial recognition' to provide multidimensional perception of structured and unstructured data, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of situations
Multiple Form Factor
Solutions are available in various form factors that support fixed focus or zoom functions, IPC functions include Full Color HD images in low light conditions, and are equipped with other smart functions

Face Capture

Face Recognation

Structured Solution

Hybrid Intelligence

Video Stream

Intelligent Analysis Cube

The Intelligent Analysis Cube is built with the world's leading facial recognition algorithm that uses comprehensive AI algorithms for massive and complex neural network computing tasks in AI. The device is widely used in buildings, campuses, and workshops, providing front-end computing end for Access, Attendance Management, and Security Surveillance.

Mass Storage Library

This product allows users to build a base library of up to 300,000 file entries, with support for linking bases
Flexible Access to Videos and Pictures
Device supports access to up to 16 video streaming channels, and allows real-time access to video and image libraries
This tool allows users to monitor up to 30 people simultaneously on the same screen

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

The Face Recognition Access Control range provides functions including monitoring and control of access, attendance, and gateways. Available in a variety of configurations, these devices meet a wide range of customer needs.

Mass Storage Library

The product series allows customers to build a library of up to 100,000 file entries, and supports offline recognition on devices. These attributes make the product series ideal for access control and attendance management in large buildings and enterprises
Binocular Recognition
This series of products is designed for use in complex indoor and outdoor environments, such as in hard/backlight and low light. The accuracy rate is more than 99.5% with a recognition speed of less than 200ms. It features recognition RGB-IR to realize anti-counterfeit detection capabilities to tackle photo fraud and other scams
Convenient User Experience
The product series, designed by a world-class industrial design team, are of high quality and meet the various needs of users in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. The device can be wall hung or integrated in turnstiles or mounted in a vertical configuration

I8 series-8 ” Indoor FR

E7 series-7 ” Outdoor FR

I8 series-8 ” Indoor FR

I8 series-8 ” Indoor FR

Intelligent Identity Verification Device

Smart Identity Verification Tool, powered by facial recognition algorithm, verifies whether the ID card holder is the same person as indicated on his ID card. This product range has been widely used in railway stations, airports, hotels, examination room, tax office, social security office, and traffic control building.

Precise Monitoring With Low Latency

Accuracy rate is more than 99% and verification speed is less than 400ms
Card-less Verification and Direct Advertising
The device enables cardless identity verification. It also supports advertising distribution and photo scrolling and fraudulent broadcasts
Flexible Deployment across Multiple Business Configurations
Serves multiple use cases, product series can be stand-alone or managed as a cluster, and self-service or non-self-service

Rapid Deployment Kit

Rapid Deployment Kit is a device capable of portrait recognition on the front end. It has a flexible set of mobile portrait monitoring tools that integrates a dedicated portrait recognition camera, portrait recognition engine and WLAN module. The device can be used for front face comparison -end, image search, real-time analysis, multiple event analysis, video playback and offline video analysis.

Portable Design

Easy to carry, fast deployment, support for basic library of 1 million images, fast response
Offline Analysis
This device can analyze videos offline
Early Warning Playback
Support for frequent alerts and security management; up to 500 hours of video storage and playback on demand
Intelligent Analysis
can interact with external database, record video through smart glasses and send back to host for analysis, which is suitable for complex mobile scenes.