Banking & Finance
eKYC solution is an on premise SaaS platform that provides accurate, efficient, online identity verification service by AI facial recognition for the industries of banking, securities, insurance, etc.
Reduce business losses
By real-name authentication of facial recognition algorithm, reduce the business losses due to identity fraud.
Improve operation efficiency
The eKYC procedure can be complete with high accuracy and fast speed, reduce the labor cost, and improve customer experience.
High Accuracy
99.9% accuracy in eKYC scenarios
Full People Suitability
Algorithm suitable for people in different regions
High Speed
200ms response time
Spoofing Prevention
powerful spoofing prevention ability, photo, video, mask, etc.
FaceID the Safer Identity Authentication Solution
Financial-level eKYC authentication service based on facial recognition technology that assists enterprise to lower capital risk and elevate business revenues
Various Detecting Methods
  • Motional Liveness Detection
  • Still Liveness Detection
  • Flash Liveness Detection
  • Video Liveness Detection
String Anti Attact Capabilities
Have been serving the largest amount of industry client, accumulating the most anti attack algorithms, Holding No. 1 recognition rate
Wide Channel Coverage
Channel include SDK, H5 at the mobile end and the PC end, mini-apps
Technological Solution
Automatically Read ID Information through OCR
Liveness Detection
Recognize if the subject is a real person via liveness detection
Face Comparation
Identifying the risk of fraud operation through face comparasion
Financial-level safety guarantee to lower capital risk
Identify and intercept various attacks timelty and holding comprehensive abilities to protect capital and information security and reduce the risk cost
User-Focused operation to enhance Corporate Efficiency
Different risk control strategies are used for diffrent users, with string defense and high pass rate to increase business benefits
All platform, Multi solution to ensure security guarding
Multiple liveness detections solutions with various input ways including SDK, H5 at the mobile end and the PC end, mini-apps